Why Costa Rica?

There is no fall or winter in Costa Rica, only the Dry Season, which runs from December to April, and the Rainy Season, which is from May through November.

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Why Costa Rica?
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Costa Rica is guaranteed to surpass your wildest expectations. Is it because the country has one of the best national parks systems in the world? Is it because the country has no military and has undergone one of the longest periods of peace and democracy in the Americas? How about the polite and friendly people? Or the cutting edge economy that makes everything from coffee to computer chips? The world famous beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts? The nine hundred types of rare birds, the giant sea turtles, the monkeys, or rainbows of tropical fish? Golf? Volcanoes? Scuba diving? Sport fishing? Surfing?

It is because of all of these qualities and so much more.

Meaning the “Rich Coast,” Costa Rica was named by early Spanish explorers who imagined that the pristine beaches and the mountains covered with tropical rainforest held untold riches of gold and gems. The Spanish were both right and wrong. Costa Rica did turn out to be the “Rich Coast.” The country’s true riches were the beaches, mountains and rainforests.

These days, visitors come from all over the world to experience Costa Rica. Some come to stay in luxury ecotourism lodges or relax on the beaches. Others want adrenaline-pumping river rafting and surfing. Investors love that Costa Rica has the affordable prices of a Central American country, but has the stability of a North American or European country.

Overall, it is the people of Costa Rica who really make the difference. With no military, Costa Rica has been able to invest heavily in education and health services. The country has one of the highest literacy rates in the Americas at over 95%, universal health care and crime levels that are lower than most of the United States.

Sound like a paradise on Earth? It is.

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