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Cora Interiors Design Studio

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In CORA INTERIORS DESIGN STUDIO we create unique, functional spaces that provide comfort and awaken the senses to enrich your project. We make your vision a reality taking into account the culture, geography, architecture, and ecological trends. We integrate various elements to fulfill our philosophy of designing unique spaces. Our mission is to provide interior design solutions to our clients while taking into account that each project has its own needs and requires multidisciplinary integration.

DESIGN STUDIO INTERIORS CORA works under international standards of design and quality. We work with private clients, architects and developers from the conception of the space all the way to the delivery. We can handle private residences, commercial areas, hospitals, and more. We have experience of more than eight years in the field, giving us the infrastructure and production capacity to provide the best creative and innovative solutions.

We communicate our ideas by applying the highest attention to the architectural concepts, design details, and the presentation of our drawings and plans. We have also included in our services the local design and manufacturing of custom furniture, carpets and textiles. We also work with select antiques and works of art to complement each project. In addition, we use imports of furniture from the best brands in the international market.

Because of the extensive experience of working together with our domestic and international suppliers, we rely on our varied range of guaranteed products that enables us to offer our customers the best choices. The combination of logistics, creative designers, and highly skilled bilingual architects make us a versatile tool for the completion of their projects. We understand and respect any financial constraints and we give our customers excellent service in design, meeting delivery requirements, and budget.

DESIGN STUDIO INTERIORS CORA was born in 2002 under the name LifeStyle and included a contemporary furniture store which became independent in 2009.. We currently have office space of 90 square meters, for our staff and freelancers. We offer our customers the use of approximately 300 square meters of warehouse as well as our team of re-modelers, painters, and finishing and installation experts. To guarantee our customers an enjoyable and comfortable environment at CORA INTERIORS, we offer all our services that leads to a higher level of functionality and quality.


Programming and design conceptualization
Schematic design
Design Development
Construction drawings and specifications
Budget Negotiation
Construction administration and inspection
Interior design


Recommendations to a variety of alternative suppliers
Solicit, receive, evaluate and recommended contributions
Conduct negotiations with suppliers
Place orders, receive and review invoices
Coordination of payments and schedule
Budget status reports
Reports of transportation and delivery times
International transport, consolidations, customs services
Coordination of storage area
Hiring installers

At CORA INTERIORS DESIGN STUDIO, we are looking forward to establish a business relationship with you as a client. We hope that in the future you will become a part of our prestigious projects and our services to beautify the environment and enhance spaces to be versatile and modern.


Service Type
  • Interior design

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