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The first European to land in Costa Rica was Christopher Columbus himself, who set foot on the black sand beaches of Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica in 1502.

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Costa Rica Beauty is a social network specializing in businesses, services, and organizations. It is an interactive directory and an online public relations platform for businesses in Costa Rica. On costaricabeauty.com, you can find and interact with thousands of businesses directly without a third party.

Costa Rica Beauty was founded by a Costa Rican/U.S. partnership to focus exclusively on businesses, organizations, and services in Costa Rica. On costaricabeauty.com, you will find only first-hand information because the content comes directly from the people and businesses of Costa Rica.

Our mission is to offer the most useful, comprehensive and objective source of information from businesses, services, and organizations in Costa Rica. Our goal is to work closely with businesses within the country. We want to provide the best platform for businesses to publish their contact information, services, special offers, and more.

Our vision is to become the official business social network of Costa Rica and provide the ideal platform for communication between businesses and their clients.

If you have a business, organization or provide a service, this is your opportunity to expand its online presence at no cost. You can post your contact information, exact business location, photos, services, special offers, and more without paying fees or sales commissions.

If you want to find a place to eat, go shopping, take a trip, buy a product, or find a professional service, you have come to the right place. On costaricabeauty.com, you will find lodging, restaurants, stores, attractions, organizations, real estate, offers, and much more. Our website allows you to customize your search based on your preferences and areas of interest.

Whatever you are searching for, you will find it in costaricabeauty.com

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